Rouge 4mm Stainless Steel Dilator

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Our curved 4mm or approximately .157" urethral sound is the perfect addition to your partner and solo play. It's ideal for kinky pleasure seekers that love to straddle the fine line between pleasure and pain - but is also ideal for men who want to enhance sensation and make their penis more sensitive to touch.

This sound has a super smooth finish and the curved design allows you to insert it into your urethra easily. The key to sounding is patience and a slow approach, and to be comfortable with the size of the urethral sound that you choose. This sound is made from stainless steel and is easily cleaned. You can sterilise it with boiling water before and after use. Remember to let your toy cool! This sound adds sensation and feels incredible during solo play, adding extra intensity to every movement you make.


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Product Details

  • Box Dimensions:
         Length: 9.75 in.
         Width: 4.50 in.
         Depth:1.50 in.
  • Manufacturer Code: RGR4D075